Training Services

Somerset Farms is a combined training facility. We offer flat work arenas and a jump arena.

Dressage Trainers & Teachers

Siegfried J. Winkler [Read more about Siegfried]
Dressage lessons, clinics held monthly at Somerset Farms. Cost per lesson is $175.
Contact Kim Lampert if you would like to be included in a clinic.

Hallie Callaham [Read more about Hallie]
Dressage training and lessons
Phone: (970) 443-9410

Sandra Hotz [Read more about Sandra]
Dressage and young horse training and lessons

Trainers are Independent Contractors when performing training or lessons on Somerset Farms. Each Trainer carries their own Professional Liability Insurance, and must be approved by Somerset Farms to offer services on Somerset Farms property.

Please note that your Somerset Farms “Boarding Contract,” does not provide you with any guarantee of a Trainer’s services at Somerset Farms. Any agreement that you have with a Trainer is your responsibility and a separate agreement from Somerset Farms Boarding Contract.

Somerset Farms reserves the right to terminate any Trainer’s services on Somerset Farms property at any time. While this is not anticipated and generally not necessary, a Trainer’s use of Somerset Farms facilities must be performed according to the Trainer’s Agreement with Somerset Farms.