Boarder Information & Forms

> Somerset Boarding Contract
(includes all forms, contact information, agreements, waivers)

> Boarding Contract Addendum at August 9, 2014 (Pg 11 of the Boarding Contract)
for Boarders who signed Contracts prior to August 9, 2014

> Boarding Contract Addendum at March 2013 (Pg 10 of the Boarding Contract)
for Boarders who signed Contracts prior to March 2013

> Boarder Agreement & Policies (Pgs 4 & 5 of the Boarding Contract)

> Release & Waiver of Liability (Pg 6 of the Boarding Contract) This form is required for any person riding on the farm property. Boarders must complete this form for any guest they have at the farm, on the property or riding a horse.)

> Evacuation Plan Form  (Pg 12 of the Boarding Contract) Please complete this and keep it current to help us all be prepared for any emergency evacuation.

> FEED Change Request Form & > STALL CARD (Pgs 13 & 14 of the Boarding Contract)
Complete these two forms and hand it to farm staff in order to have a feed change implemented for your horse, or if you have new telephone number or VET information to update on your horse’s stall card.



Somerset address: 5555 Nelson Road, Longmont 80503
Gate code to enter property: #0800

CSU Emergency/Urgent Equine Care: (970) 297-5000
24 hour/7 day service: Call ahead to let them know you are on the way.

Please note: Boarder’s name, phone and their VET’s name & phone number is listed on stall cards on the front of each horse’s stall – and on rear wall for shed row stalls.

(Please do NOT call our staff after business hours unless you have an emergency.)

Kim (303) 638-3606
Liz (970) 568-3571
Jo (303) 565-0736 (can translate Spanish with Ruben & Marcos)
Ruben (303) 901-6745 (Spanish)
Marcos (720) 600-9304 (Spanish)
Somerset’s VET, Dale Bowers (303) 946-1206
Somerset’s Farrier, John James (970) 219-4996

FRED’S PROPANE (farmhouse propane tank) (303) 444-1787
AGFINITY, PROPANE (small house; property; fuel tanks) (970) 350-0167
DGO (front gate repair) (303) 485-1700
Utility, Electricity, PVREA 800-432-1012 or (970) 226-1234
Utility, Water, Left Hand Water (303) 530-4200
PLUMBER – Mesa Plumbing: (303) 494-6505
ELECTRICIAN – Roy’s Electric (303) 678-5154
CARPENTER – Russell Williamson (720) 480-6139


Arena Rules & Etiquette
Become familiar with the arena rules & riding etiquette in the arenas… [READ]

About Somerset Farms Facility Hours

The Farm’s facilities are open to boarders during these hours: Monday through Sunday 8:00 a.m – 8:00 p.m. for riding — use of the arena and grounds. We close the facility/arenas (no riding, no turnout, no stall cleaning) on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. We feed our horses and do a morning and evening blanket night check as usual on those holidays.

1) SAFETY: It’s not safe or permitted for riders to be on horses when there are no staff monitoring the facilities, riders, arenas.

We don’t have staff on the premises at all hours while people are riding. Riding alone is a risk you take during hours when there’s no staff available, or others riding with you.  The safest hours to ride (when trainers and other riders are on the premises) are when others are riding, during daytime hours.

Mondays are quiet at the farm, with Jessica not training or riding.  Evenings are even more quiet, as our staff have left for the day.  During fall/winter/spring there is NO riding after 8pm in the evening, as staff do a final “NIGHT CHECK” around that time and the farm is closed after night check. During the summer, we can extend riding hours later in to the evening – but riders can not ride alone on the farm after 8:00 p.m.

It’s recommended that if you choose to ride in the evening, that you “buddy up” with another rider and ride together for your safety.  You should also keep your mobile phone on you if riding alone, in case of emergency. Put the emergency phone numbers in your phone (Liz resides on the farm, so call them first).

LIZ (970) 568-3571
KIM (303) 638-3606

2) FARM HOURS & MAINTENANCE: We have maintenance and grooming to be done on the arenas – which is done before 8am and after 8pm.

VISITING YOUR HORSE: A Boarder may visit their horse before or after business hours (9am-8pm), if they have a concern about their horse. We ask that you CALL or send a TEXT MESSAGE to the farm manager to let us know you have come on to the property, and that you CALL or send a TEXT the farm manager when you leave the farm. This is for your safety and for the security of the farm and our horses (so that we know who is here on the farm after hours).

You may visit your horse, prepare them to go to shows, ride them before 9:00 a.m…. (because there are staff available on the farm starting around 7:00 a.m. However, Somerset arenas may likely be undergoing maintenance before 9:00 a.m. (so arenas may not be groomed or available before 9:00 a.m.)

Somerset Color Coding System for Blanketing Your Horse

Boarders are required to write the name of their horse on each of their horse blankets (permanent marker works well). Boarders will be provided with three round color labels (RED, BLUE, YELLOW) to color code your horse’s blankets. Attach a colored label to each blanket/sheet so that staff know the blanket to use on your horse based on weather/temperature.

blanket-tags-somerset Blanket-chart

Blanketing Service includes:
Color coding system (Boarders color code the blankets based on our color coding chart – weather conditions), and our farm staff blanket your horses every evening according to the weather conditions.

Farm staff check blanketing on a daily schedule: 7-8am (feeding time); 12-1pm (lunch feeding time); 6:00pm (dinner feeding time); and 8-9 pm (night check).

IF YOU DO NOT ATTACH COLOR TAGS and YOUR HORSE’S NAMES to your blankets, your horse may NOT be blanketed appropriately.