Arena Rules & Etiquette


1) Always call “DOOR” when entering arena. Wait for an OK.  (indoor arena)

2) When you are walking your horse in hand or under saddle, give the outside track to other riders.  Walk your horse at least one horse width off the track, so that other riders can stay on the rail.

3) When stopping to make an equipment or clothing adjustment, move out of the way of traffic and do so in the center of a circle out of the way.

4) When approaching another rider head on, please pass left shoulder to left shoulder.

5) When passing another rider from behind, pass on the inside.

6) Lateral work always has the right of way.

7) Riders of the track have priority over riders on a circle.

8) Lunging horses in the indoor arena:  Riders have preference for arena use.  MUST USE TACK when lunging.  If lessons/clinics occurring, you must get permission of the trainer before lunging your horse.  NO lunging if there are two or more riders present.

9)  If a person is lunging, you may pass around the outside of the lunge circle. If you are unsure if the person is lunging notices your arrival, please call “RAIL.”

10) When in a situation you are unsure of, please call “RAIL” or “INSIDE.”

11) SAFETY: NO use of stereo earbuds, headphones, bluetooth in the indoor arena.


1) If you are the last person to leave the Indoor Arena, please turn OFF the lights. If you leave in the evening (arena closes at 8:00 p.m.), turn OFF the lights and close the door.

2) Pickup your horse’s manure after your ride  (muck bucket near the entry door).

3) If you use a jump(s), make sure they are removed/stored after use. (indoor arena)

4) If your horse kicks out a board, or does other damage to the arena, please notify the Stable or Barn Manager immediately.